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Work Experience

Work experience is a vital way for young people to gain an insight into the working world. At FM Conway, we offer work experience placements through The Conway Week, which is a predetermined week available twice a year.

Each week provides up to 15 places for young people who follow a business orientation programme, take part in site visits, careers information workshops, and work ready skills in first aid and health and safety.

They are open to Year 11 and above and the application form can be obtained from opportunities@fmconway.co.uk.

Due to the COVID-19 we are working with academia to establish how we can provide work experience placements in 2021. As soon as we have further information we will update this page.

100% of work experience students believe the work experience will help them get a job in the future.

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86% said they learnt new work-related skills

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43% improved their communication skills

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29% gained a better understanding of career options

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71% gained a better understanding of health and safety in the work place

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