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Our philosophy, People First, is an approach that gives everyone at FM Conway the support they need to protect themselves, their co-workers and members of the public. At the end of the day, we want everyone to go home safe.

We provide our staff, both office based and operationally, with the business tools and training they need to identify and mitigate risks and protect themselves, their colleagues and the public from harm.

People First

With teams operating across technically demanding projects, often in heavy-traffic areas and in close proximity to the public, making sure that health and safety is front of mind is vital.

We put People First to guarantee that everyone involved in our work – our employees, our partners and the public – goes home healthy and safe at the end of the day. It isn’t simply a corporate target; it’s a commitment to protect the people who deliver our great work and the communities they serve.

Good communication is key to safe working. We ensure that all our staff, supply chain and project partners feel confident in identifying better ways of working and speaking up when they see something that has the potential to cause harm.


Near Miss

Near miss reporting lets us identify and prevent potential accidents. Keep talking – if you see something that isn’t safe, tell us about it.

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