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FM Conway manufactures a range of high-quality asphalt products that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of customers’ projects.

We operate 24hrs a day, seven days a week ensuring we meet the demands of our customers and provide sales support through our regionally based customer service team. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and aim to complete orders with a quick turnaround providing text alerts throughout the process.

Our modern asphalt plants are capable of manufacturing ‘cold’ mixtures (using emulsified or foamed bitumen), ‘warm mix’ materials and conventional ‘hot mix’ products. 

FM Conway has ISO9001:2015 accreditation and CE marking to the requirements of Construction Project Regulations 2013, ensuring that our products deliver the high safety standards needed for highways.

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A single layer surface application for roads, road maintenance and car parks.

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A durable asphalt product for urban and rural areas.

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A dense surface course with low air voids to create a more durable pavement.

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SurePave Range

High-performance asphalt products for durable, resilient highways, manufactured using polymer modified bitumen.

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A resilient and durable surfacing for bus stops, lanes and other industrial traffic areas.

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A range of pavement solutions for air side applications.

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A range of asphalt mixtures for use on any sporting surface from motor racing tracks to tennis courts.

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Enviro Range

High recycled content asphalt products manufactured using a high percentage of Recycled Asphalt (RA).

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A permanent pothole and patch repair cold layer asphalt developed using biodegradable softener that reduces the dependence for petroleum derived products.

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A resilient and durable surfacing for agricultural environments.

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Recycled Type 1 Sub-Base

A recycled sub-base to specification for Highway Works Clause 803.

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The SurePol Range

A range of polymer modified bitumen solutions.

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Warm Mix Asphalt

Low temperature asphalt reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiencies.

We are the first UK Asphalt manufacturer to operate its own Polymer Modified Bitumen plant.

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