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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is the process that minimises the threat of vehicles used as weapons towards the public and infrastructure.

Drawing upon our technical and consultancy expertise, deep-rooted knowledge of asset planning and our integrated material supply to build model, we have the ability to design and build HVM solutions for our clients that deter, detect and delay potential threats.

Areas of Expertise
  • Security Barriers
  • Disguised HVM
  • Security Bollards
  • Creative HVM
  • Flexible configurations
  • Security that blends with the environment
  • Aesthetic impact considered
  • Unrivalled protection
  • Impact effect mitigation
Project Examples:

Regent Street

Strategically positioned street furniture has facilitated the widening of footways while reducing the risk of a hostile vehicle attack in the area. The high-quality street furniture enhances the area and includes significant space for low level planting and trees while also providing obstacles for any vehicles that may leave the carriageway accidentally or otherwise.


Leicester Square

The scheme involved converting existing access restrictions to PAS 68 standard measures. The project went from concept to delivery in just 18 months, integrating street furniture to enhance the public realm whilst meeting security requirements. The design included sliding HVM bollards at three locations in the square to provide controlled vehicular access and static provision at four further locations.