With no subscription or plug-in cost to use our network, SureCharge is a simple and affordable option for your borough.

We regularly review our prices and are always looking for ways that we can help you save. Therefore, amidst the spiralling cost of living, we have introduced a weekday and weekend tariff that will lower the cost of our service and better support our customers.

Our weekday tariff is 48p per kWh (kilowatt hour), and our weekend tariff is 45p per kWh (effective from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday). Both tariffs include a pre-authorisation fee of £15.00 and a connection charge of 35p across the whole network.

As soon as you start charging, your bank pre-authorises (reserves) £15 to ensure it’s available for you to pay with. If you have mobile banking, you may see this amount appear on your statement. When you finish charging, we tell your bank the real amount you spent, and they will deduct it and remove the pre-authorised amount. This process can take a few minutes to a few days depending on who you bank with.

For help with the SureCharge app, please email customer service or call App and Charging Enquiries: 03332 400 520
Sales Enquiries: 01732 600 700

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