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What is SureCharge?
SureCharge is an Electric Vehicle charging service which is part of FM Conway Ltd.
How many SureCharge locations are open?
SureCharge is part of the EV open card network so you can use your charger on a growing network of chargers (download the app to see how many). SureCharge is also integrated with ZAP Map so we have a wide range of charging facilities.
What chargers do SureCharge provide? 
SureCharge offers a range of chargers from 5.5kWh for in-column, through to fast 22kWh chargers, and on to rapid DC chargers of up to 150kWh. Our network is growing at pace and we are planning to install hundreds more EV charging points across London, aligning with and meeting our customer demands.

Where can I find my nearest SureCharge location?
A full list of charging points is available on the SureCharge app. This is updated as new locations are installed. 

Can I check the availability of a charging point before I arrive?
Whilst our customers cannot, at present, reserve a charging point in advance, drivers can check to see if a specific charge point is available by using the SureCharge app. Within the app, each SureCharge location is marked with a power icon. This circle appears green when the charge point is available and red when in use.

How much does SureCharge cost?
Our weekday tariff is 48p per kWh (kilowatt hour), and our weekend tariff is 45p per kWh (effective from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday).

Both tariffs include a pre-authorisation fee of £15.00 and a connection charge of 35p across the whole network.

Do SureCharge charges include VAT?
Yes, HMRC recently clarified its rules on how VAT liabilities will be treated in respect to the supply of electricity via public EV charging points. As such, supplies of electric vehicle charging through charging points in public places are now charged at the standard rate of VAT. There is no exemption or relief that reduces the rate of VAT charged. As a result, SureCharge has undertaken a review to consider how these tax liabilities will be treated within their pricing structure to consumers. Accordingly, SureCharge has taken the view that the 20% VAT liability will need to be added to their charging fee.

Why have you added a connection fee?
From 1st November 2022, we've added a connection fee of 35p to each charging session. We believe this encourages good charging etiquette as we feel that our charge points should be used responsibly, ensuring more people can charge when they need to.

What about the effect of the energy crisis? 
The ongoing energy crisis impacts individuals and businesses across the UK, including SureCharge. The increase in our price reflects the increase in our supply costs. Prices have been especially impacted by the supply disruption as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Adjusting our prices will ensure that we can continue to supply our charging network, whilst remaining a commercially viable business and providing you with an easy, convenient charging experience.

How do I pay for SureCharge? Do I have to be a member?
SureCharge operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no subscriptions. Simply download the app, follow the simple instructions, plug in and charge.
Do parking restrictions apply?
Parking bays that are located next to lamp post column charging points operate as normal. There is no dispensation for electric vehicles parking in shared-use bays. Users must either display a valid permit or pay and display ticket or have activated an online parking session to use these bays.
Is there a SureCharge pre-authorisation payment?
SureCharge will preauthorise payment of £15.00 against your card. This validates the card is valid and that the account has the sufficient funds to pay for the transaction.

Why am I being charged a pre-authorisation fee?
As soon as you start charging, your bank pre-authorises (reserves) £15.00 to ensure it’s available for you to pay with. If you have mobile banking, you may see this amount appear on your statement. When you finish charging, we tell your bank the real amount you spent, they then deduct it and remove the pre-authorised amount. This process can take a few minutes to a few days depending on who you bank with.

What is my final payment once SureCharge has completed charging my vehicle?
Once the charging transaction is complete, the card/account is charged the actual amount spent based on the current unit price per kWh delivered. 
If no charge is made (i.e. you unplug your car) the pre-authorised payment will be reversed back to your account (this is an automatic procedure operated by all banks/card issuers). 

How to use SureCharge
Is my electric vehicle compatible with SureCharge?

SureCharge is compatible with most EV’s and is designed to work with most vehicle types that are currently on the road.

How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle with SureCharge?
The charge time will vary depending on the charging point you are using.

Will there be a penalty for drivers who leave their cars to charge for longer than the charging period?
We do request that customers only leave their car in the SureCharge space for the time needed to charge their car and continually review our enforcement policies.

How can I get help and support using SureCharge?
For help with the SureCharge charge posts, please check the post and contact the post operator. Contact details will be displayed on the posts.

For help with the SureCharge app, please email customer service or call App and Charging Enquiries: 03332 400 520
Sales Enquiries: 01732 600 700​​​​​​​
Electric Vehicle Charging

What is the difference between a ‘rapid’, a ‘fast’ and a ‘high-powered’ charger?
SureCharge offers a range of charging solutions from 5.5kWh chargers to DC rapid chargers 150kWh.

Our in-column solutions are typically 5.5kW and these take several hours to charge your car so it suits overnight charging. These chargers are usually located in areas where the EV will be parked for a longer time (e.g. car parks).

Where does the electricity come from?
SureCharge locations are supplied with electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Won’t electric vehicle charging put too much pressure on the grid?
The power demand of an electric car means it is not like plugging in an iron or putting on the kettle – it is more like plugging in an extra house. That is why SureCharge and FM Conway are working on a system to help the grid handle the predicted increase in electric vehicles.

Use of SureCharge charging units and cables

Who is responsibile for how the cable is left?

It is the responsibility of the EV owner/driver to ensure that when you leave your vehicle to charge you must check that your charging cable has been left in a safe manner.  
This means checking that the charging cable is not trailing over the pavement where it may pose an unexpected trip hazard to pedestrians. If your charging socket is at the front or rear of your vehicle you need to ensure the cable does not pose a trip hazard for those crossing the road between your vehicle and the next. 

You also need to ensure the cable is not going to be in the way of other road vehicles passing by. Think not just about four wheeled vehicles, but also cyclists and motorcyclists who may be more prone to fall off if they hit a charging cable. 

You should also ensure your charging cable is not taut and does not have any sign of damage.
When arranging your cable, think in particular about visually impaired pedestrians who would not expect an obstruction at this location and may not be able to see the cable.

A trailing cable could also pose an obstruction for parents with pushchairs or those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. 

SureCharge App

Where do I download the SureCharge app?

The app can be downloaded via Google Play and the App store.

Does the app show real-time availability?
Yes, the SureCharge app shows the real-time availability of SureCharge posts.
Can I see my charge history in the app?
Yes, all of your charge sessions are in one place on the app.


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