Supplier Information: How to Get Paid



This guide provides information to suppliers and sub-contractors providing goods and services to FM Conway on the steps they need to take to ensure that they are paid for these goods and services promptly.

Purchase Order Requirements

It is the company’s policy that all procurement of goods and services must be confirmed with a purchase order (PO). If your company has not received an appropriate PO, please get in touch with your main FM Conway contact.
The PO number must be quoted on all invoices and sub-contract applications. FM Conway reserves the right to dispute the invoice / application and withhold payment if a PO is not quoted.

Receipt of Invoices

FM Conway encourage the delivery of invoices in Electronic pdf format and these should be sent to the following addresses:

For suppliers:  
For sub contractors:

FM Conway reserves the right to reject electronic invoices in other formats. If suppliers are unable to send invoices electronically, paper invoices should be addressed to: 

FM Conway Ltd.,
Accounts Payable Department,
Conway House,
Vestry Road,
TN14 5EL

Suppliers are discouraged from hand delivering invoices to an FM Conway premises or a member of staff, as this may result in delays in processing these invoices. 

Authorisation of Invoices

Supplier invoices must include the following information:

  • A unique identification number
  • Company name, address and contact information
  • Company name and address of FM Conway
  • A clear description of what the supplier is charging for
  • The date the goods or services were provided
  • The date of the invoice
  • The amount being charged
  • VAT amount if applicable
  • The total amount owed
Payment Terms 

Standard payment terms are 45 days from receipt of a valid invoice. Non-standard terms are agreed with suppliers and subcontractors to comply with specific statutory and/or client contractual requirements. Terms agreed range from 7 Days to 60 Days from month end of invoice received.

Disputed Invoices

FM Conway Limited is committed to fair treatment of all its supply chain partners and actively promotes transparency with swift resolution of any dispute. 

Any dispute arising, either suppliers or subcontractors, the process will involve the Accounts Payable Team and the procurement function as the first port of call. These functions are co-located in our head office to enable timely resolution. 

Payment of Invoices

FM Conway’s policy is to make all payments to suppliers by BACS transfer. Cheque payments will only be made in exceptional circumstances and cash payments will never be made. Payment runs are held weekly.

Contact details

Any invoice queries or issues should be directed to the FM Conway accounts payable team who can be contacted on: +44 (0) 1732 600 700 or emailed at: