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SureCharge Case Studies 

For over 60 years FM Conway has worked together with London's boroughs to continually innovative and improve the nation's capital, and this has continued with the introduction of our electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, SureCharge. 

Launched in 2021, SureCharge is FM Conway's end-to-end EV charging solution, which we efficiently fund, install, and maintain across our client's EV charger networks.  

Our SureCharge solution provides a quick and simple installation by transforming the existing infrastructure (lighting columns) into smart, internet-connected devices. By using a patented device to 'earth' the lighting column, SureCharge eliminates the need for digging up the pavement or roads around them, or the need for borough permits, ensuring a faster installation and reduced costs for the borough. 

We can also provide a revenue stream back to our client, as well as real-time network insight as each EV charger is connected to the backend.

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