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From design and installation through to refurbishment and maintenance, at FM Conway we understand what it takes to deliver lighting systems that combine excellent aesthetics with optimum performance.

With 60 years of experience working on high-profile projects, we’ve developed enduring partnerships with many local authorities and private organisations, implementing a wide range of cost and energy efficient lighting systems to illuminate bridges, buildings, parks, highways, subways, statues and monuments.

We provide professional expertise in the design of lighting systems, backed by technical excellence, to bring these frequently groundbreaking and often aesthetically adventurous lighting schemes to life.

With expertise in areas such as LED lighting systems, artistic lighting solutions and security lighting systems, our integrated systems are keeping many of our bridges and monuments in London and the South of England in the spotlight

Our integrated approach combined with self-delivery and early contractor involvement allows us to identify new and innovative approaches to maximise both design and performance.

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