Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

FM Conway is committed to creating an inclusive organisational culture that allows everyone to do their best and be their best.

Our aim is to ensure that every opportunity is available to every person across the communities that we serve and beyond, and to do this we are committed to engaging across a wide demographic that affords our people the space and confidence to develop to their full potential.

With sustainability at our heart, we recognise that to be an employer of choice, we must create an inclusive environment to support, nurture and grow our family for now and for the future.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our diverse and ever-changing society is understood and is highly valued and it our duty to create equal opportunities and work to eliminate inequality in our business.

All Great People

We have created our very own Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy called All Great People. This is our four-year strategy that outlines our positive intent to ensuring that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is at the very core of our business.

EDI represents the mutual trust, respect and understanding that we strive for in our organisation and we want everyone who interacts with us, both internally and externally, to feel supported, valued and respected through our commitment to EDI.

Our Approach

To meet our EDI ambitions by 2024, we have established a set of challenging targets and have embraced an immediate and positive challenge to ensure that EDI is central to everything we do.

We will communicate widely to invite participation from our people in shaping the strategy, measuring and learning along the way, ensuring that we communicate our progress in regular, transparent updates.

To read our full EDI Strategy, click here


To get us started on our journey to delivering All Great People, we are also delighted to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Disability Awareness Week online, starting on the 30th November.

This week will coincide with the United Nations initiative, the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3rd December, and as one of a select number of organisations to have achieved the prestigious Disability Confident Leader status, we are supporting this day by hosting our very own week-long series of informative events which anyone can attend (customers and suppliers included).

Each day from the 30th November we will have a focus on different areas of disability, and we will be hosting short sessions at 12pm every day featuring talks from external speakers to raise awareness, share their experience, and to inspire us.

We have assembled a wide range of inspirational and motivational speaker sessions, ranging from Paralympic athletes to local heroes and a speaker from TfL, ready to provide you with their knowledge and experience and help to raise awareness of different disabilities, health conditions and the importance of creating an inclusive workplace.

For further information on our event, click here

Monday 30th November – Disability Confidence

Lunch & Learn: The Journey to Disability Confidence and its Positive Impacts on Business by Kent Supported Employment

Kent Supported Employment are an award-winning provider of supported employment and offer consultancy and training to organisations. Disability Confidence is a government scheme to support people with disabilities into employment.

Kent Supported Employment will open our week by talking about the importance of this scheme and how companies can achieve its aims whilst highlighting the good practice of FM Conway.

Tuesday 1st December – Heart Health

Lunch & Learn: How to Look After your Heart by David Sullivan

David Sullivan set up a programme to offer CPR and Defibrillator training after an incident in which a young man suffered a cardiac arrest on the golf course where David was playing. This harrowing experience inspired David to provide CPR and Defibrillator training to workplaces, schools and sports clubs using state of the art exclusive virtual reality and physical equipment.

David will be talking about the importance of heart health and its relevance to those working in our industry, as well as offering advice on how to keep a healthy heart especially in the current climate of COVID-19 and closed gyms.

Wednesday 2nd December – Deaf Awareness

Lunch & Learn: What is a Hearing Impairment and British Sign Language Taster Session by Kent Supported Employment


Hearing loss is a particular concern for the construction industry and this talk will focus on what a hearing impairment is and how it may affect an individual with relevant case studies. This will include a taster session of British Sign Language for all attendees.

Thursday 3rd December – International Day of People with Disabilities

Lunch & Learn: Inspirational Talk by Aaron Phipps, Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Player

Aaron Phipps is a Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby player and 2012 Paralympic athlete. In 2016 Aaron set himself the ultimate challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa - to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). It was the first time a disabled British person had climbed Kilimanjaro without assistance. Aaron will be sharing an inspirational talk on the challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them.

Friday 4th December – Site Impact

Lunch & Learn: The Impact of Construction Sites on People with Disabilities by Michael Barratt MBE

Michael Barratt MBE is the Development Impact Assessment Lead at TfL and will be sharing his expertise on the impact of sites for people with disabilities and the ways to mitigate these. Our aim is to offer our attendees the tools to create safe, inclusive and efficient sites for all.

We must not only learn to tolerate our differences. We must welcome them as the richness and
diversity which can lead to true intelligence.

Albert Einstein
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