'No Dig' Technology

At FM Conway we provide additional ‘no dig’ services for rehabilitating existing sewers or culverts, such as, but not limited to: 

  • GRP segmental lining
    • This is a bespoke system designed for larger pipe diameters and unusual pipe shapes, thereby offering a great solution to repairing existing culverts under heavily traffic areas such as railway lines, roads and canals.
  • Pipe bursting .
    • The installation of a new HDPE or MDPE pipe along the route of an existing pipe. A pipe splitting head is pulled through the existing pipe, breaking it apart and forcing the pieces out into the surrounding ground, whilst simultaneously pulling in the new pipe. The process is often used for replacing defective pipes that have deteriorated to a level where they can’t be repaired by Cured in Place systems, for example Pitch Fibre pipe. 

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