Drainage Treatment Plant 

At FM Conway we think creatively about the recycling of materials from our projects, and have developed industry leading facilities to achieve this.

These facilities are the result of our strategy to invest in recycling and to think carefully about how materials can be put to good use across different parts of our business. 

Our Drainage Treatment Plant (DTP), located close to London and the South East of England offers non hazardous and hazardous waste disposal solutions. We provide wash out facilities when tipping with a competitive flat rate per tonne, with a day and night disposal option available.  

Our specialist teams can also assist with the disposal of liquid waste, oil contaminated interceptor waste, waste containing oils, the clearing of septic tanks and sewers, the removal of non hazardous and hazardous waste, and industrial waste management.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts who can provide information and advice about our Drainage Treatment Plant , call us on 01730 600 700 or email us here.

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Day & Night Disposal | Emergency Call Out  | Located within M25 | Tanker Wash Out  | Competitive Rates | Low Minimum Tonnage Charges | Accurate Weighbridge | Waste Streams Accepted 13: 16: 20, interceptors, highway, drainage