Manhole Laser Scanner

FM Conway has invested in CleverScan's five HD camera and its powerful illumination system which allows it to build a detailed image scan and capture video within your manhole. 

The scan presents high-resolution detail from every square inch of a manhole wall, and allows an analyst to quickly scan for structural defects, infiltration and unmapped features.

A fully detailed manhole scan takes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes depending on depth, so production rates are limited only by the time and site conditions.

Once positioned over a manhole, a single button press initiates the scan. The system measures manhole depth, lowers the probe accordingly, and then assembles scan data for instant viewing in CleverScan software. From there, data can be transferred to WinCan’sClever Scan module for reporting and advanced analysis, and shared via WinCan Web.

Measures manhole depth | Instant reporting |High resolution scanning | No need for
confined space training
| Can be operated alone | Quick and easy to set up

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