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FM Conway have partnered with US company RoadBotics, bringing AI technology to the roads of London and the South.

Using Artificial intelligence (AI), RoadBotics have developed a new method of pavement condition assessment which is set to transform highway asset management. The system provides analysis that is objective, time saving and affordable and its use means that for hard pressed highway authorities, planned maintenance becomes a simplified process. 

How it Works

  • A standard electric vehicle, equipped with mobile phone camera technology, is driven over a specified route to collect visual data of carriageway condition.
  • This visual data is then uploaded to the cloud, and objectively rated on a 1-5 scale by RoadBotics’ Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • Results are then compiled and presented alongside images of each corresponding 3m section of carriageway to inform future maintenance strategies.

Accurate and reliable asset data underpins our value management process to ensure the right road can be treated with the right solution at the right time.

Over 100 clients across the U.S. and Australia already use RoadBotics to fix the right roads at the right time while saving money. Founded by Mark DeSantis, Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, and Dr. Christoph Mertz, RoadBotics was created at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 2016 and has raised £6.2m in venture capital investment. 

The company uses cutting-edge deep learning and a simple smartphone to transform a traditionally time consuming, highly subjective and expensive pavement inspection process.

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