In some instances, a pipe has deteriorated too far to be rehabilitated using ‘no dig’ technologies and a traditional open-cut method is required to:

  • Restore the full flow capacity of the pipe in one localised spot
  • Replace the full length of a defective pipe

There are also occasions when there is a need to carry out excavations to enable our ‘no-dig’ technologies to be installed/completed, for example: 

  • Trial pits around utility services during pipe bursting
  • Reconnecting laterals post-pipe bursting
  • Replacing sections of collapsed pipe to allow the installation of long length liners
  • Minor adjustments to manhole chambers to provide sufficient access to pipes for our ‘no dig’ services

FM Conway also offer vacuum excavation to minimise the risk of damage to utilities and staff. Our crews are fully trained to NRSWA and experienced utilising the plant and equipment required to complete the works. 

Please feel free to contact us or speak to one of our experts to discuss your requirements on 01732 600 700 or email us here.