FM Conway’s Tankering services are suitable for a range of liquid waste.  

Our diverse fleet includes various size and capability vacuum tankers, combination units and gully trucks. We also operate recycler units including our latest additions
the Cappellotto jetting and vacuum cleaning units. 
Examples of waste collected:

  • Oil contaminated water
  • Interceptor waste
  • Surface water, silts & flood water
  • Vehicle wash down silts & sludges
  • Sewage

If you would like to receive a quote for any of the above services, contact us today on 01732 600 700 or : email us here.


We collect from: Gullies | Soakaways | Catchpits | Interceptors | Cess pools | Septic tanks | Pump stations | Treatment plants | Grease traps | Bunded areas | Bilges 

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