Our in-column, SureCharge EV charging unit is simply and quickly installed into the column door, transforming existing street lighting columns into smart, cloud-connected EV charging points. 

Employing patented technology, our chargers require no installation of additional earth mats**, reducing disruption, installation time and the cost of deploying on-street charging. In addition, charging points can readily moved for one location to another with the minimum of cost, ensuring that chargers are located at the most optimum location for residents and visitors alike.
With our network being connected, we provide valuable data insights, ensuring high availability and uptime whist providing valuable data and intelligence to local authorities, helping them determine current demand, trends and future needs. 


As each SureCharge chargers are SMART chargers, we are able to:

•    Constantly monitor performance in real time
•    Check availability and usage status
•    Identify faults and initiate fix first time repairs
•    Manage and balance charging demand – load balancing
•    Manage consumer charging enquiries more efficiently and effectively

** Subject to Distribution Network Operator



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