The Fashionista of Construction

Have you ever heard of a fashionista working in construction? Well Molly Curtis explains why she chose FM Conway over her passion for the fashion industry.

Yes, you heard that correct.  A 20-year-old girl who is obsessed with the latest trends, models part time and is fascinated by the ludicrous celebrity gossip taking over our social media platforms, is now working in marketing at a construction company. It just doesn’t seem right. However, I do not regret my decision. 

I’m studying Journalism and in my third year I am required to attend a work placement for a minimum of three weeks. So, I took it upon myself to go out of my comfort zone and apply at FM Conway… also because big-time fashion magazines didn’t want a student tagging along and annoying them. 

I was not expecting to enjoy my time here as much as I have, FM Conway has broadened my mind in the marketing world and I would be fortunate to have a career here after University.

I recommend to all students who want to find their ‘niche’ to go out of their comfort zone as something you may not expect to like may surprise you.  Who would’ve thought I would go from fashion to construction? Trust me, I was just as surprised as anyone.  However, my time here has been more than useful.  I have learnt things even University couldn’t teach me, and it’s been so beneficial learning about marketing in different industries.

I know that students dread the idea of work placement, but it’s a complete new outlook into the industry that is beyond beneficial.