SureCharge App

Surecharge is part of the EV open card network so you can use your charger on a growing network of chargers, download the app to see how many. SureCharge is integrated with ZAP Map so we have a wide range of charging facilities. 
Key Features

Growing number of charge points
SureCharge allows you to link to the evopen card network, offering you access to a large network all at your fingertips, making it  easy to find a location

Transparent pricing
Easily find charge point tariffs.

Real-time availability
No surprises with live charge point availability.

Start charging
Start and stop a charge using the app.

Charge session history
See all your past charge sessions in one place.

Get started

Download the app
With the SureCharge app you can find chargers and check their availability. The app is available on the App Store & Google Play.
Start charging
Using your app you can check the status of your charging session simply by tapping your app. Download the SureCharge app. 

Frequently asked questions
How can I start charging on the public network?

Please download the SureCharge app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Before using our network. 
We recommend that you register an account. 
Can I use a Surecharge charge without registering? 
You may use the service without registering. 
What’s the advantage of registering?
You will only have to register your payment details and your vehicle registration once. .  
How do I start a charging session?
  • Connect your vehicle, check the light on the charge point labelled “System Check” is steady green (if it is not use another charging bay) 
  • Plug one end of your charging cable into your vehicle and the other end into the charge point socket by lifting the black lid on the front of the unit. 
  • Open the app.
  • Select the charging location, tap the button relating to the socket to which your vehicle is connected. 
  • Confirm Vehicle and payment card 
  • After tapping the socket selection button to confirm the charge point, you will be asked to select your vehicle and payment card. 
  • If you are not a registered user, you will be asked to enter your vehicle number and your card payment details.
  • Enter your card CVV
  • Guest will be required to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Charging starts after your payment card has been processed.
Disconnecting your vehicle
Disconnect your charge cable from your vehicle before the cable will release from the charge point. Disconnecting your vehicle terminates the charging session and calculates the fee that will be charged to your payment card.  The final fee will be charged to your payment card and should display automatically in the app within a few seconds of disconnecting your vehicle
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