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Aggregates & Asphalt

FM Conway manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality aggregates, asphalt, and concrete products, for use on the UK's highway network as well as for other construction and maintenance projects.

We will continue to reduce waste through responsible recycling and implementing the principles of the circular-economy, ensuring our clients have access to low carbon and high-quality recycled materials.

1 Bitumen Terminal with Polymer Modified Bitument Plant
1 Railhead
1 Techcentre Laboratory
3 Wharfs
4 Concrete Collection Locations
4 Recyling Depots
7 Asphalt Plants

Bespoke Asphalt Solutions

Our plants manufacture bespoke paving solutions to match performance and specification, which includes high-recycled content mixes when a more sustainable alternative is required.

Our commitment to the circular economy is reflected in our Enviro products which are available with optimum recycled content. We can also produce cold and warm asphalt products offering a greater carbon footprint saving and less disruption to stakeholders.

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Our Aggregates & Asphalt Customer Service Centre is open seven days a week:

Monday – Friday: 06:00am – 17:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 07:00am – 12:00pm

Contact us on 0800 276 1122 or email us at aandaorders@fmconway.co.uk to send an enquiry.

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FM Conway was the first company to realise the road network itself could become our quarry. Recycling the road arisings for future use as aggregate significantly reduced the amount of virgin raw materials that were needed from quarrying and other sources.

This is an ethos we have built upon, by investing in a state-of-the-art drainage water treatment plant, which diverts gully waste from landfill and recycles both the waste and water to clean aggregate and produce recycled paving products.

Our ability to recycle highways arisings, gully waste, and aggregates, enables us to demonstrate to clients the environmental benefits of the circular-economy and brings to life the positive impact of recycling for the whole lifecycle of products and materials.

To serve our clients we have developed a portfolio of specialised manufacturing plants and a large fleet of delivery vehicles. The plants enable us to develop bespoke mixes for each project's specific requirements, while this balanced system of services brings security of supply and reliability of delivery.

Net Zero Carbon Commitment


Going Electric – Decarbonising essential plant and equipment

As part of FM Conway’s net zero carbon commitment, the business has installed a fully electric, zero emission crane at its wharf on the River Thames in Erith.

Investing in the new crane significantly reduces the emissions produced by essential plant and comes as part of the business’s drive to become net zero by 2045.

The electric crane will save over 142 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year, as well as being more efficient, easier to operate, and much quieter than its predecessor.