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Leading the way in carbon reduction, resource efficiency, and protecting the natural environment.

Net Zero Strategy

Our Net Zero strategy sets out our roadmap for reducing carbon across FM Conway by 2045.

It is through our forward-thinking investment in sustainable solutions and commitment to continuous improvement, that we will address the worldwide issue of Climate Change.

The Net Zero Strategy is underpinned by our research and committed leadership. Our strategy facilitates and expedite FM Conway’s sustainable approach along with offering a credible plan to give our stakeholders confidence in our ability to deliver.

Our strategy outlines the key areas in which we will tackle carbon and achieve net zero across FM Conway over the next 10 years, as well as highlighting and monitoring the actions we must take that will transcend our business.

View our Net Zero Strategy:

Carbon Reduction

We will publish our progress annually, via our Carbon Reduction Plan, which will include an update on our intensity ratios of carbon emissions per £m revenue and carbon emissions per tonne of asphalt manufactures, to help monitor progress as we grow.

We will deliver these carbon reductions through innovation in our buildings, depots and asphalt plants, in our fleet through a move to zero emission vehicles, the use of alternative fuels and telematics, our business operations through the plant and equipment which we produce, and in the products, we make through low carbon recipes, and manufacturing methods.

View our Carbon Reduction Plan:

Re-Using Materials

We think creatively about using and re-using materials from our projects, and we’ve developed industry-leading facilities to match our ambitions. Our ability to recycle highways arisings, gully waste, and aggregates enables us to demonstrate to clients the environmental and financial benefits to the circular economy. With cutting-edge facilities we recycle materials which are recovered from construction sites and reprocess them in our technically advanced plants.
Our facilities are the result of our strategy to invest in recycling and think carefully about how materials can be put to good use across different parts of the business. For example, the water we dredge from gullies is used to wash aggregates and for batched concrete. We also ensure that our work impacts the road network as little as possible.
This includes major investments to allow us to import aggregates via our jetty at Erith Wharf, as well as our rail terminal at Theale. We also reduce road traffic movements by using our Bitumen storage facility at Gravesend, which is operational 24 hours a day, utilising off-peak times to lessen road congestion.

FM Conway is now Certified by BSI to PAS 2080:2030

Our carbon management system as a constructor has been recognised by the British Standards Institute (BS), in accordance with PAS 2080:2030, the global standard for whole life carbon management in infrastructure and the built environment.
For FM Conway, this demonstrates:
  • Our capability and maturity towards identifying and implementing whole-life carbon reductions in the works we deliver
  • Our ability to apply best industry practice regarding carbon assessment, monitoring, and reporting
  • Our commitment to integrating carbon reduction into decision making across all phases of a project, with clear governance and processes being followed
  • We actively promote and incentivise a culture of carbon reduction across the business and engage and collaborate with our entire value chain
  • Our leadership position in decarbonisation, by being one of the first in the sector to achieve certification to this standard
  • Our commitment to continual improvement through training, re-investment, and always trying to push the boundaries in collaboration with our customers