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Putting our people, our communities, and our customers first.

Our support for our great people continues to focus on the employment of local people, our apprenticeship programme, and the training, development, health and wellbeing, of everyone who works for us. Additionally, the time our people spend supporting schools and colleges, and helping inspire local people, is also accounted for in the social value we create as an employer.

Being Resource Efficient and Protecting the Natural Environment

For over 30 years, we have pioneered sustainable construction activities that have ultimately led to a significant improvement in material efficiency, and we are recognised as industry leaders in the use of recycled aggregate.
We understand the environmental value of our land, and manage our estate as an environmental asset, restoring and protecting existing habitats and wildlife. We will enhance a richer, resilient, and more diverse environment. We will measure bio-diversity initiatives across the business through:
  • Biodiversity assessments across our sites
  • Delivering net gain using Natural England’s biodiversity tool
  • Ensuring new biodiversity enhancements are considered at the start of new schemes

Producing Greener and more Durable Products and Services Whilst Championing a Low Carbon Economy

Our materials portfolio is developed to deliver sustainable solutions to address the current climate emergency and meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.
Our commitment to materials recycling ensures we continue to push the boundaries of material innovation; and through testing trials, demonstrates that higher percentage of recycled content can be used in surface courses.
By leading the way in the use of sustainable materials, FM Conway strives for the reduction of carbon emissions and transport movements in the South East of England; working towards the company’s pledge to achieve carbon net zero by 2045.

Sustainable Procurement

We understand sustainability can only be achieved through collaboration with all our stakeholders and we are proud of the long-standing relations we hold with our suppliers. However, we are also aware of the new ideas and innovations new supply chain partners can bring to the table.
Our sustainable procurement process ensures we never become complacent and that our supply chain will remain at the forefront of our sustainable solutions, and a key component of our sustainability vision.

Investing in our Communities

At FM Conway we see our communities as an extension of our business. Our communities are where we recruit our great people from, where we live, where our children go to school, and where we socialise. Each year we measure our social value, and we look to increase this year-on-year through:
  • Employing locally
  • Working with local suppliers
  • Having a comprehensive training and apprenticeship programme
  • Volunteering in our communities
  • Through The Conway Charitable Foundation, financially supporting local organisations

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

As a family-run business, FM Conway is committed to putting people first, in an environment where everyone is appreciated for their contribution. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce better reflects our customers and the communities we serve, and ultimately leads to FM Conway having a team made up of the right people for the right jobs.
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) represents the mutual trust, respect, and understanding that we strive for in our organisation and we want everyone who interacts with us, both internally and externally, to feel supported, valued and respected through our commitment to EDI.

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Putting our People First

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Big Ten in 10

Our award-winning health and safety programme ‘Big Ten in 10’ has not just changed our approach to health and safety but has influenced the industry as a whole.

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