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The health and wellbeing of our people is as important as their safety and our philosophy is for our people to return home safe and healthy at the end of the day.

A healthy culture at work both energises and motivates people, and we want our workforce to enjoy working at FM Conway.

Introducing our 10-year Mental Wellbeing Strategy, Healthier Together

As a family-owned business proud of its family ethos, FM Conway places great emphasis on the mental wellbeing of its people, understanding that it must be a strategic priority.
Our Mental Wellbeing Strategy has been developed by the FM Conway Healthier Together Steering Group and is designed to be used by any person within FM Conway, providing us all with the tools to act in the name of mental wellbeing.
We want to ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity of working in a culture where mental wellbeing is valued, and where people can go home safe and well every day.
We understand that a healthy business is a sustainable business and with mental wellbeing as a strategic priority, we are confident that our business will continue to provide services and employment to the communities we live and work within for years to come.

Supporting our People

We understand that mental wellbeing is about wellness rather than illness and is not merely the absence of a health condition. Creating an environment that supports and promotes the wellbeing of people is ethically responsible, whilst also ensuring that we meet the legal health and safety requirements to provide an environment that is both physically and mentally safe and healthy.

FM Conway currently has over 100 Mental Health First Aiders who are always ready to support our colleagues and be there to chat, whatever their worries or concerns may be.


Lighthouse Club

FM Conway is a proud supporter of the Lighthouse Club, a construction industry charity that offers support and guidance on mental health and wellbeing issues.

By collaborating with other organisations and businesses like the Lighthouse Club and Kent Supported Employment, we hope to help raise awareness around mental health and share support resources with the aim of improving wellbeing across the construction community.


Our Vision for a Mentally Healthy Workplace

In a mentally healthy workplace, people at all levels have a shared vision of, and commitment to, positive mental wellbeing. Work demands are realistic in a way that balances the needs of the people and the business, and do not pose an unreasonable risk to the mental wellbeing of individuals.

Everyone in the workplace feels comfortable to speak openly about mental wellbeing and mental health conditions, without fear of stigma or discrimination. This creates a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Mates in Mind

FM Conway is working with Mates in Mind to help raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health. By helping people to understand how, when, and where they can get support, we can help break the silence and stigma.
As part of our programme to tackle work related ill-health we are providing:
  • Employee Nutrition and Fitness Clinics with a specialist coach
  • Flu Vaccinations for all LGV, heavy plant, and confined space operatives
  • Weekly Health Communications focusing on fatigue management, occupational health, dust/silica, noise, hand arm vibration, stress management, and mental health
  • Wellbeing Stand Down Days with guest speakers
  • Safety Critical Medicals