Introducing FM Conway's 10-year health and safety strategy: Big Ten in 10

FM Conway has announced its 10-year strategy, ‘Big Ten in 10’, that aims to eliminate the potential of the 10 biggest risks that cause life-changing harm across the business by 2030.

This strategy is a transformational approach that prioritises the greatest health and safety risks to the business in order to help FM Conway achieve its vision for all people to go home safe each day.

The strategy is to be shaped by an in-depth analysis of both the business and the industry to identify gaps in any previous health and safety approaches, as well as looking at the tools and measurement controls required to monitor and evaluate performance.

Elimination of the risk is the ultimate ambition, but where that is not possible, a number of safety critical controls will be put in place for each Big Risk activity, in order to create an environment where people can remain safe and healthy.

These controls will take full advantage of digital and technological advances to provide a high level of physical, electrical and mechanical protection.

The Big Ten Risks have been categorised as the following:

• Isolation and Guarding
• Occupational Health
• Temporary Works
• Lifting Operations
• Traffic and Pedestrian Interface
• Safe Digging Practices
• Occupational Road Risk
• Subcontractor Control
• Confined Spaces
• Working at Height

Further details on each of the Big Ten Risks and the full strategy can be found here.