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Woolwich Ferry Terminals Survey

FM Conway’s Consultancy division worked in collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) to carry out a safety inspection on Woolwich Ferry in support of their asset management strategy.

Services used on this project
Delivering Innovation

Woolwich Ferry is a free vehicle and pedestrian service across the River Thames that has been operating for over 130 years, and required inspection to ensure that the terminal infrastructure was still fit for purpose and safe to use.

FM Conway’s consultancy team proposed utilising new and emerging technology to carry out the inspection.


Drone-mounted cameras provided a safe and efficient method of surveying London's historic Woolwich ferry terminals.

Challenges and Solutions 

The project presented FM Conway with a number of challenges, as due to the river crossing being in regular use, the operation could not be shut down for the team to perform an inspection.

Therefore, our team suggested using new technologies such as a camera mounted drone to carry out the inspection. After engaging specialist subcontractor Sensat to assist with a survey of the structure, a programme of works was set to be completed on a Sunday morning before the ferry became operational for the day.

Utilising this innovative method, the safety inspection was able to be carried out, and revealed that there was no water seepage and the structure was found to be in very good condition.


Thanks to FM Conway’s experience and expertise, a solution was presented which enabled a successful project delivery, with a greater level of efficiency and health and safety compared to traditional methods.