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Hanover Square Gardens Enhancement Works

Description of Works

FM Conway’s Structures division has delivered a full regeneration of the Hanover Square public park area in Westminster as part of our Term Maintenance contract, helping to transform one of Mayfair’s premier garden squares.

The full scope of works included the installation of:

  • 221 linear metres of cast iron railings
  • 103 granite benches
  • 332 tonnes of type 1 general fill
  • 133 tonnes of type 3 aggregate
  • 354 tonnes of subsoil
  • 982 tonnes of topsoil
  • 78 tonnes of asphalt
  • 10 tonnes of resin bound material
  • 332 linear metres of metal edgings
  • 549 linear metres of ducting
  • 1,Hanover011m2 of new lawn
  • 4,000 (approx.) linear metres of irrigation drip line
  • 11,455 new plants:
    • 15 new trees
    • 57 distinctive plant species
Services used on this project
Delivering Innovation

Hanover Square is a prime location in Westminster, with as many as six streets converging on the area, therefore, high-quality materials were a necessity on the project to reflect the area’s prestige and history.

To honour this, the team installed granite benches featuring a honed finish, delivering a very smooth surface without any gloss, plus they also designed the cast iron perimeter fence in the style of the historical fence that was replaced after the Second World War to add to the area’s aesthetic.

As well as installing a new water feature, the aging brick-built gardeners hut was also demolished and replaced in a new location with a new modular unit which enabled a new double gated entrance feature. This helped to upgrade both the security of the park and the look as it provided a balance with the existing double gates at the South end.

Alongside these gate installations, the existing park entrances were also repositioned in order to improve pedestrian access to the new planting and extensive feature lawn area, which was bounded by a new permeable perimeter footpath inside the park.

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Challenges and Solutions

One of the biggest project challenges was to place and compact the general fill in order to lift the site levels in what was the wettest winter on record.

Therefore, the team needed to import, stockpile and cover the general fill material with polythene covers, so that it was able to dry out. Once dry the team placed and compacted it as quickly as possible.

Due to the nature of the materials being used, timings were also a potential problem on the contract. However, using their experience, the team knew that the granite benches may require long lead times as they were fabricated in China, and pre-empted this by placing advanced orders for the materials.

This was ordered from China in order to provide a cheaper option to the client than a European-sourced granite, before self-delivering the installation to save on additional sub-contractor fees.

Furthermore, in modernising the park layout and facilities, a great deal of time was also needed to be given to the design and selection of the new key architectural features.

In particular the new, bespoke cast iron railings and built-in footway lighting and catenaries, as they needed to satisfy the strict planning requirements of the square and maintain the ‘feel’ of the park, as well as strict tree protection controls that needed to be considered as part of the overall design to improve air and light into the park and lawn areas.



The project was successfully delivered, providing Westminster’s Hanover Square with a fully regenerated public park area, complete with a lawn area, fountain, granite seating and cast iron railings.