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Green Spine - Church Street Regeneration

Description of Works

FM Conway’s Term Maintenance team has worked with WSP to deliver the Green Spine regeneration project on Church Street in Westminster.

The Green Spine project will see the team construct a new park and pedestrian-friendly route through the Church Street area, linking Lisson Gardens, Broadley Gardens, Church Street and the new Luton Street development via a new cycle route.

Services used on this project
Delivering Innovation

The scheme was carefully designed in order to rejuvenate the area and to increase safety with improved lighting and the removal of dark, tucked away corners, making the Green Spine an attractive open space.

However, as well as increasing biodiversity through the planting of 50 new trees to improve air quality, the team also installed a number of elements set to enhance the health and wellbeing for the public, including play areas for toddlers and children, free outdoor gym equipment, an informal kick-about space, as well as quieter spaces to enjoy the new environment.

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Challenges and Solutions

Due to the project residing in a popular, residential area the team were presented with several challenges that required thorough liaison with residents and local stakeholders through our Public Liaison Officer.

In order to minimise disruption caused by temporary road and footpath closures, the team delivered the works over eight phases, with work being carried out during scheduled working hours. Furthermore, the team ensured that pedestrian access to all buildings and businesses was maintained at all times, as well as temporarily relocating a number of market stalls in order to facilitate construction works.



Once completed the newly regenerated Green Spine will present the local community with a thriving, accessible and attractive public space in the heart of London.