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Description of Works
Working at the Eurotunnel Folkestone terminal in Kent, FM Conway is responsible for an ongoing programme of surfacing and asset management to ensure that the vital 32-mile connection stays up and running, delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience for the 21 million Eurotunnel passengers each year. 

Services used on this project Aggregates & Asphalt Surfacing Structures
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The nature of the link means that works need to be carefully programmed to minimise disruption.  Recently, FM Conway coordinated the resurfacing of the site’s two loading overbridges, which are used to transport freight and passenger vehicles from the terminal down onto the train platforms themselves.

To coincide with Eurotunnel’s bi-national evacuation training day and essential maintenance work, FM Conway needed to deliver the surfacing works within a 12-hour window to ensure the terminal could be reopened once the training day ended.  As a result, extensive planning was required to make sure that the project was delivered faultlessly and safely.  

Luke Pantrey, Surfacing Supervisor at FM Conway, explains:
“Down to the minute planning was essential to coordinate this extensive project within the course of a single night. 

“By self-delivering the entire project – from supplying our 10mm Surephalt surf 40/60 PSV 60 asphalt from our plant in Erith to transporting the arisings back for recycling – we were able to ensure that we had complete control of the programme. By the end of the night, we had transported over 1,200 tonnes of asphalt and had successfully completed the works efficiently, but safely within the tight timeframe.”


Our primary job is to ensure that the Eurotunnel service buildings, as well as the main terminals, and the connected road network are kept well maintained at all times.

Steve Simmonds - Contracts Manager at FM Conway 

As well as keeping customers moving en-route to and from the continent, FM Conway’s asset management team is working with Eurotunnel to keep the terminal up and running, while also supporting environmental work on the coastal landscape. 

Steve Simmonds, Contracts Manager at FM Conway, comments:
“Our primary job is to ensure that the Eurotunnel service buildings, as well as the main terminals, and the connected road network are kept well maintained at all times to ensure Eurotunnel is able to deliver the best possible customer service to people travelling to and from the continent.”  

The contract also covers management of Samphire Hoe – a site of special scientific interest which was reclaimed from the sea using chalk marl from the excavations of the Channel Tunnel.  The asset management team maintains the site on an ongoing basis to foster biodiversity and attract indigenous plant and animal life, carrying out drainage works as required to prevent surface water pooling and ensuring the area closely mimics the surrounding landscape.  

Steve Simmonds continues: “As part of our contract with Eurotunnel, our team ensures that this popular destination remains accessible and safe for visitors – requiring regular maintenance to manage and shape the landscape as it matures.  Together with Eurotunnel, we’re also always looking at ways to improve the environment, introducing new features that boost biodiversity and provide more attractions for the many schools that visit.”