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Christchurch Gardens

Description of Works

FM Conway and Westminster City Council (WCC) have collaborated to transform one of Victoria’s most prominent green public spaces, Christchurch Gardens, as part of the Victoria Business Improvement District’s (Victoria BID) public realm project to regenerate the site.

Services used on this project
Delivering Innovation

FM Conway delivered the project under WCC’s Highways Framework Contract in September 2020, enhancing the open public space by installing new seating, pollinator friendly plants to increase biodiversity, new lawns, trees, lighting columns and paving, as well as bird and bat boxes, log piles, and an extensive jasmine climber wall.

The project also featured the use of a sustainable drainage system, involving permeable paving and rainwater diffuser units to manage surface water and help reduce pollution and increase the biodiversity including wildlife and plants.

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Challenges and Solutions

Due to the site scheme involving a burial ground, several historical elements needed to be taken into consideration, including three memorials that were required to be retained in the project design, as well as a paving design that reflected the site’s heritage as a burial ground.

The project development also involved extensive consultation across individuals, companies and organisations. The Museum of London Archaeology were appointed to carry out a series of evaluation trenches to ascertain the burial horizon, whereas the existing trees were also surveyed by an ecology consultancy which was key in identifying the location and type of trees, plants and lighting design required for the site. Plus, a detailed ground investigation also took place to identify any ground contamination and reduce any risk before the works started on site, including a detailed Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessment.



Thanks to value engineering and construction management at key design stages, the project was delivered within budget and on time, and has ensured a high quality, dynamic public space that can be enjoyed by people of all ages even throughout the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.