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Barnet Network Recovery Programme

Description of Works
CONWAY AECOM is delivering a major highway maintenance programme with Regional Enterprise – a joint venture between Barnet Council and Capita – helping the borough to maximise investment and deliver long-term benefits for its residents and businesses.

Since 2015, CONWAY AECOM has been working in conjunction with Regional Enterprise on behalf of Barnet Council to deliver a £50m, five-year Network Recovery Programme (NRP) – a major investment scheme for the borough’s highway network.


Delivering Innovation 

The NRP is designed to maximise the borough’s investment and efficiently improve the condition of its road network. The maintenance programme is focused on making intelligent interventions on the network to maximise longevity, saving on costly short-term repairs and ensuring Barnet’s roads and pavements can be used for safe, reliable travel in the long term.

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The NRP is all about doing more with Barnet’s investment and minimising asset management costs in the long run – making full use of state-of-the-art maintenance treatments.

John Holliday - Consultancy Director at FM Conway

Under the NRP, CONWAY AECOM has been at the forefront of delivering an extensive carriageway resurfacing and footway reconstruction programme. Following detailed assessments of the boroughs highways, the team has used a variety of treatment types to effectively repair the borough’s roads and pavements, with a focus on future-proofing them. In addition to traditional resurfacing treatment, the wide-scale use of Micro Asphalt, a thin bituminous mix rolled onto the road surface to correct localised imperfections, has extended the life of many roads by up to 10 years.



Regional Enterprise is now celebrating the completion of one million square metres of highway resurfacing works since the start of the NRP in 2015 – marking a significant achievement and key milestone for both Regional enterprise, CONWAY AECOM and Barnet Council.