Asphalt, Aggregate and Concrete Products

Asphalt, aggregate and concrete products

FM Conway invests heavily in the production of its own asphalt, aggregate and concrete products.


The asphalt production process is housed at our asphalt plant in Erith. The most advanced and energy efficient plant in the UK, the plant combines a high production output with energy saving technology, whilst at the same time reducing road movements via the Thames-side jetty.


The aggregate production process takes place at our state of the art facility in Dartford, Kent, where over 95% of all of our highway arisings are recycled. Each year, over 250,000 tonnes of construction waste is recovered at the Dartford facility and reused as aggregate, saving valuable natural resource, reducing CO² emissions and also diverting waste from landfill.


Concrete is mixed at the point of delivery by FM Conway’s own fleet of volumetric mixers. These mixers deliver concrete products in and around London and the south east, carrying cement, ballast and water ready to be batched exactly where required, which reduces waste and maximises efficiency.


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