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CCTV Drainage Investigation

FM Conway have invested heavily in our CCTV drainage surveys which provide our clients with greater network coverage – helping them to understand their drain and sewer assets and maintain them to the highest standards.

We operate across the whole of the South East along with the West Midlands and East Midlands areas supporting a wide range of sectors and offer an out of hours emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now on 01732 600 700 to speak to one of our experts who will provide advice and support with any of our services. 

CCTV Drainage Investigation services:

Laser Scanning Technology

Using our Rausch KS135 we can easily identify pipe ovality using cross-sectional colouring to locate areas where defined thresholds are exceeded. 

The KS135 Scan has revolutionized the pipe profiling process using its “spinning laser” profiling technology. The three-in-one system has the ability to perform CCTV video pipe inspections, laser profiling and crack and joint measurements.

Rausch KS135 Features:
•    Direct and highly accurate measurements
•    Instant and final reports on site 
•    No field calibration necessary
•    Instant system verification
•    Quick & easy setup


GPS Utility Mapping

Working on behalf of the utility companies, we map drains and sewers and record new assets. Our vehicles have the latest technology to undertake complex projects, such as off-road surveys and specialist ‘no dig’ operations, as well as delivering exceptional quality in our routine works.

We design and deliver high specification public spaces, combining the best-practice consultancy with skilled workmanship, to create successful streetscapes and green environments.

We deliver expert craftsmanship. Through our consultancy team we provide detailed design, which combines aesthetics with accessibility, while our delivery teams’ expert knowledge of materials – from granite setts to traditional stone and brick – ensures that schemes can be tailored to meet the detailed requirements of each project.



Manhole Laser Surveys

We operate one of only two CleverScan automated manhole scanners in the UK. The CleverScan is deployable from a vehicle by a single operator and is ready to operate within two minutes. By using CleverScan we are able to reduce the on-site time to capture drainage chamber information, eliminate the requirement for confined space entry, and produce a re-auditable digital output.


Flood Prevention

We recognise that flood prevention is the core management principle of road drainage maintenance. Every drainage network is different and that’s why we tailor our flood prevention solutions to individual specifications. By applying the principles of good asset data recovery and working collaboratively with our customers, we help them to develop bespoke flood management plans to reduce their flooding risks.

We design and deliver high specification public spaces, combining the best-practice consultancy with skilled workmanship to create successful streetscapes and green environments.