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Conway Academy

Our people are our greatest asset, and our Conway Academy, provides our people with the opportunity to develop themselves and refine their skills and competence.

As part of our 60th year of operating, we have launched the FM Conway Great Leaders Programme, using £100k of funding secured from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), in order to develop and nurture the future leaders of our business.

The programme is designed to develop our leaders so that they have the necessary skills to be successful in new circumstances, help our people to become great authentic leaders who have a shared vision of direction, and to create leaders for the next generation.

The programme has three levels of entry:

  • Aspiring Directors and Directors
  • Middle Leaders
  • Step into Leadership

Our hope is that 60 people will benefit from our programme and that we can give our people the skills and confidence to transform them into FM Conway’s leaders of tomorrow.


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