Ron Woodland

Non-Executive Director

Prior to his appointment as Non-Executive Director, Ron was General Counsel on the board at FM Conway. As the Chief Attorney of the legal department, he was responsible for providing senior management with effective solutions to implement the company’s strategy, by managing the legal function. Ron ensures the business operates in compliance with the law, serving as an effective guardian of FM Conway by facilitating business development.

Ron has acted for FM Conway in private practice from 1983 to 2008, gaining irreplaceable knowledge of the business and its foundations. Ron was then appointed to the board in 2008 and has been heavily involved in all of FM Conway’s acquisitions during the last 35 years. Ron was also a pinnacle character during the setup of FM Conway’s legal team, protecting and covering all aspects of the company’s needs.

Ron has been a lawyer all his working life, beginning his career in Central London. As a junior lawyer, one of his early cases was a pro bono mass murder case from British Guiana heard in the Privy Counsel in Downing Street. During his career he has had various secondments, including Barratt Homes and a recording studio in South Molton Street working with high profile musicians. He has been a non-executive director in logistics and the oil and gas industry, undertaking various assignments abroad including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.