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Health and Safety

Health and safety


With teams working across technically demanding projects, often in heavy-traffic areas and in close proximity to the public, making sure that health and safety is front of mind is vital.

We put People First to guarantee that everyone involved in our work – our employees, our partners and the public – goes home healthy and safe at the end of the day. It isn’t simply a corporate target; it’s a commitment to protect the people who deliver our great work and the communities they serve.

We give our site teams, drivers, support staff and everyone else in the business the tools and training they need to identify and mitigate risks and protect themselves, their colleagues and the public from harm.

To find out more about our People First campaign, take a look at the health and safety video by clicking on our logo below.

Our teams driving the health and safety agenda

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 An open culture

Good communication is key to safe working. We ensure that everyone in FM Conway – including our supply chain and project partners – feels confident to identify areas where we can improve the way we work and speak up when they see something that has the potential to cause harm


We encourage our employees to discuss health and safety on site; to constantly question if there is a safer way to operate; to report near misses; and to alert us to potential risks to themselves or others. We set up working groups, with members drawn from across the business to review equipment and procedures and tell us where improvements can be made.


 Health like safety

People First is not just about tackling the immediate and obvious safety risks. It’s also about addressing and managing long-term health hazards. We want all of our employees to enjoy a long and happy career with us as well as a healthy life after they move on from FM Conway.

To do this, we work with them to highlight and mitigate occupational health risks – including those caused by dust and silica, noise and vibration, stress, depression and fatigue, skin and respiratory sensitisers and musculoskeletal injuries.

We’re committed to putting people first. As a business, we promise to:

  1. Listen to all comments about health, safety and wellbeing at work – investigating accidents and developing responses.
  2. Invest in health and safety to provide the right equipment, guidance and procedures to keep people safe. The development of our near miss mobile app is just one example of where we have invested in new technologies to make the reporting of potential hazards easier.
  3. Improve the way we work to reduce long-term and immediate risks to health and safety.


Working with Corporate Performance, we are providing a wellness programme to all FM Conway employees. With a different focus each month, staff will receive information to help improve their own health. Focus topics will include nutrition, injury assessment and prevention methods, health check-ups, blood cholesterol testing and exercise advise.